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What does a rebuilt title mean?


A rebuilt title means that there has been some previous damage on the vehicle. However, a rebuilt title does not tell the whole story of the car. This title might be due to something as minimal as a stolen stereo, a simple cosmetic damage or a minor fender bender. The cars that are declared rebuilt also usually have a very low mileage. At Reliable Rides, we make sure that our rebuilt title cars are in this category. 

How does our car buying process work?


Alberto, the owner, with 30 years of experience in the car industry, personally inspects and chooses each vehicle from the source (insurance companies) and makes sure the vehicles he buys are only the best of the rebuilt titles. Meaning, the damage these cars have is minimal (cosmetic, fender bender, or even small scratches). During our reconditioning process, the cars are fixed using only OEM parts (original parts) and then later taken through the process of the mandatory state inspection for rebuilt title cars. 

How does this inspection work? 


We work with one of the best state inspection companies in Florida to certify that all of our cars have been properly fixed, using only original parts and that each of our cars is in perfect condition for the customer at the time of sale. This inspection is legally required for every dealer in order to provide safety to each client buying a rebuilt title car.

This guarantees that the vehicles we sell have passed the state’s safety inspection and that any previous damage has been correctly fixed to give our clients peace of mind when buying a rebuilt title car from us. 

Why should you buy a rebuilt title car?


The main reason why you should consider buying a rebuilt title car is the price point. Typically, these cars will be between 30%-50% cheaper than the average market. If you think about it, by buying a car that had minor damage in the past and that has been properly fixed and guaranteed by the State, you’re saving thousands of dollars and getting a pretty good deal. 


By buying a rebuilt title car, you can buy a recent model for almost or even half the price and half the miles. Let’s say, you’re thinking of buying a 2106 Toyota Corolla from a big dealership for $24,000 with a clean title. At Reliable Rides, you can find that same car for $13,000 with 40k miles. The only difference? The car had a minor fender bender and had the rear bumper replaced. 

How does financing work for a rebuilt title car? 


At Reliable Rides, we work with three of the best financing companies in the nation to finance our vehicles whether they’re rebuilt or not. Reliable Rides is one of the only dealerships in Florida that can finance rebuilt title cars with no hassle. There are no added fees or interest because of the title status. 

If you need financing for a rebuilt title car with us, we will help you get the best plan for you with low interest rates and a great monthly payment.

How does insurance work for a rebuilt title car?


There is a misconception that insuring a rebuilt title is complicated, this can be the case if you buy a rebuilt title car that had extensive damage. However, for the cars that we sell, there is absolutely no difference when insuring a car with this title status. Any insurance company will happily insure a rebuilt title car if it is  good quality, low miles and is bought from a reputable dealership like ours.

We also do recommend adding GAP to your insurance policy.

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