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2009 Jeep Patriot

Updated: Aug 4

The Jeep Patriot: 5 Things You Should Know.

1. It’s the Second Cheapest Jeep Model: The Patriot has been for a long time, one of Jeep’s most affordable models, and it was the least expensive Jeep model making used products of this SUV even more affordable.

2. It Has a Low Maintenance cost: According to, this Jeep model is in the list of cars with the lowest maintenance costs. In a study performed by, the Jeep Patriot ranked highest in a 5-year cost projection.

3. It’s Affordable to Insure: According to annual list of the most affordable vehicles to insure, the Jeep Patriot makes it into the top ten cars each year.

4. It’s Incredibly Capable: The Jeep’s Freedom Drive II drivetrain allows the Patriot to perform very well in all types of road and weather conditions. With the ability to drive on deep snow, mud, and through 19-inchesn water, the Jeep Patriot is an incredible capable car.

5. It’s extremely Versatile: Whether you are on the hunt for a reliable family SUV, or a capable crossover to take you out on weekend excursions, a used Patriot will for sure fit the bill. With plenty of options available on the used car market, it’s easy to find the exact Patriot model you want for your individual or family needs.

With a projected low maintenance cost, and affordable insurance rates, the Patriot is a true winner in the used car market.

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